Ordered Versio Sunrise from Nekggo. Received wrong item.

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I bought online from Nekggo a Versio Sunrise Cell Phone.They sent me instead another cell phone, F160.

Main reason why I wanted the Versio Sunrise is it has dual cameras, a trackball and above all Wi-Fi. They joined a note stating (in pidgin English) that this new phone has an upgraded operating system and appearance. As a matter of fact the phone I received has only ONE camera, NO trackball and NO Wi-Fi. They dare rate their only camera at 12.1 MP!!!

All reviews I read rate it at 0.3 MP. I contacted them but they never replied. It seems people at Nekggo don't care much about their customers. Furthermore this Company advertises on all their web pages for a free shipping worldwide.

It appears I had to pay $18.00 to have it shipped to France. Shipping to the US has a $14.00 tag.

Had I known what they would send me I could have purchased this "upgraded" cell phone for almost half of what I paid from other Companies.So my advice is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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